September 15, 2009

Its Me!!!!

SEriously, Im inspired by"SEA OF Shoes"...she was fashion addicted...Im in love with her...looks expensive and brilliant...AS i also in love with fashion , I believe i will come with a very modern Muslimah style.....SHOES and DRESS..... I love it!!!!!


Gloria said...

Hi there, you are just too beautiful for words and I love your fashion sense.

This is my first visit to your blog and I think I'm going to sign up to follow you because I think you're gonna be fun! I will be back to go through some of your earlier posts.

I am new to blogging so please come visit my blog. I'm hoping you'll find something there you'll like!

Nisa said...

Wow, memang bergaye betul,hehe.. sy ucapkan salam ramadhan dan selamay menyambut Aidilfitri :)