May 22, 2012

I'm in Fashion


A turban is a kind of headwear based on a cloth winding; there are many different variations. Turbans are usually worn as customary headwear, usually by men, in many communities in India, Afghanistan, the Middle East, in some areas of North Africa, in eastern Africa (especially in Kenya), South Asia, and some parts of Jamaica. Turbans worn in Pakistan and India, are known as Pagri.
For Sikhs, a religious group originally from from Punjab in India, wearing the turban, which they refer to as Dastar, is an important religious observance. In Kenya, turbans are religious wear worn by the Akurinu, a Christian denomination. The official name of the denomination is The Kenya Foundation Of The Prophets Church or else Holy Ghost Church. Both men and women wear white turbans; children wear tunics. ( Copy from Internet)

Most of stylish Muslimah now wearing turban and of course if you are wearing turban...u should cover your neck to have proper  attire of scarf. Please make sure that your dress is loose if u are wearing turban n please wear jacket if you wear tight shirt.
Happy Fashion to all...weeeee

Shocking Blazer in Orange

Love this piece so much..muahhhh

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